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Awakened Life Academy Live 2023

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Clarify your Vision. Define Your Purpose. Design your plan.

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Learn The Four Pillars of Fulfillment

Scott and his roster of high performing keynote speakers will teach you fundamental principals of achieving more while simultaneously experience fulfillment.

Experience Live Coaching & Training

Experience powerful breakthrough in dynamic small group coaching sessions facilitated by master coaches.

Enjoy World Class Networking & Community

Connect and network with high performing purpose driven entrepreneurs and business owners.

Meet your hosts: Scott and Tawnya Landis

Because success without fulfillment is not true success, we adhere to a needs-focused approach to performance coaching. Our wholistic model includes growth in the areas of Vitality, Relationships, Freedom, and Impact, to help you create the purpose-aligned life of your dreams.

We are high school sweethearts, together for thirty years, with three kids ages eleven, fourteen, and eighteen. This family loves to travel all over the world and is based in West Linn, Oregon, and Gilbert, Arizona. We are the champions of Awakened Monogamy.

As the co-founders of Marriage Architects, and a somatically trained sexuality coach, we have helped individuals and couples find greater passion, connection, and fulfillment for over a decade.

Meet Your Event Speakers


Scott Landis - Performance Coach

As a Certified Professional Coach with a degree in Psychology, Scott has the expertise to coach leaders through any challenge or opportunity. Over more than a decade, Scott has coached and worked with CEOs and business owners from almost every industry. Scott has facilitated CEO Roundtable Forum groups since 2011.

As a marriage and relationship expert who works exclusively with business leaders, Scott’s highest value proposition is helping to apply business best practices, through the lens of Relationship Intelligence. He helps his clients grow and maintain the highest levels of achievement, purpose alignment, and fulfilling relationships.


Tawnya Landis - Health and Fitness Coach

My focus is on the body...helping my clients maintain balanced health, wealth, and relationships, from a somatic method of coaching. As a Certified Professional Coach, I can help my clients experience growth in the areas of fitness, body-soul-mind connection, and intimacy.

As a Fitness and Nutrition Coach, I established Landis Fitness in 2012. We have helped thousands of individuals maintain health and fitness through a lifestyle-conscous approach.

As a successful entrepreneur since 2001, I have grown several businesses. I have also mentored hundreds of individuals to launch and grow their own businesses.


Caleb Christenson - Emcee and Lead Generation Expert

Caleb is a lead generation specialist and sales funnel strategy expert, dedicated to bringing your service based company leads that will transform your business and your bank account!

At ALA LIVE he is going to share his signature framework, the "Minimum Viable Marketing" flywheel. The simplest way to get leads and sales online.

He is sharing these simple marketing tactics and strategies so that you can supercharge your business. As a result you will be able to fund your dreams, ideal lifestyle and your passions.


Dr. Mike Pierce - Owner Empower Family Chiropractic

My passion is educating and empowering people to reach the highest levels of health and performance possible. Growing up as an athlete I truly value the importance of performing and functioning at the highest level. I was inspired to become a chiropractor when I watched it change and save my dad’s life. The Maxliving approach to health seemed to be the most congruent and logical to me: find and correct the cause of the problem instead of continuing to treat the symptom.

Through my experience in helping people maximize their health I firmly believe the body needs no help to heal and function, it simply needs no interference. My overall goal is to help minimize the usage of medications, prevent sickness and diseases of every person, allowing them to live the life they want for as long as possible.

It is my wife and I’s mission to create happy, healthy families for a lifetime. We were called to Chandler and are excited to help every patient create the life of their dreams.

Event Information

Venue: Hyatt House Scottsdale

Located in charming Old Town Scottsdale, Hyatt House is a well appointed hotel and meeting space

Connect and relax with other conference attendees in comfort and affordable luxury.

Event Schedule: Saturday Oct. 21st, 9am - 4:30pm

Session 1: Clarify Vision & Purpose

Session 2: The Power Of Community

Session 3: Freedom & Funding Your Vision

Catered Lunch: Provided

Session 4: The Foundation of Vitality

Session 5: The Four Pillars of Fulfillment

Session 6: Now Is The Time To Make A Huge Impact